Today's Business Environment

In this age of highly competitive environment, survival of business organizations has become extremely difficult. On the other side, there are immense opportunities for growth. To meet these challenges of 21st Century an organization needs to be very efficient. Organizations world over are looking inward to eliminate wasteful business processes, optimize operations, and implement highly efficient systems, responsive to ever changing environment.

Inefficient systems or lack of any systems, wasteful and unwanted procedures are common shortcomings of Indian Business Environment.


Highly focussed Computerization is the only way to implement systems, which are crucial to solution to these problems. These systems can work best if designed and developed to suit individual needs.

Thus, Customisation of Computerised Software System is the Solution to these problems.

Our Products

Our customised software is designed to work as mini-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and is ideally suitable for small to medium organizations (from Rs. 10 to 250 Crores) operating in Indian business environment. This could be further extended to cover Office Automation Systems (Groupware Solutions) and eCommerce as an integral part of our customised solutions.

We view business in much broader perspective. All crucial business aspects like Sales & Distribution, Production Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting and Management Information System are addressed in our Integrated Business Application Software.

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